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Streaming Wars

How To Win The Streaming Wars Overnight

In the fiercely competitive world of entertainment, access to opportunities has long been the biggest hurdle for aspiring creators. Hollywood, with its controlled access points and gatekeepers, has perpetuated a system where securing a chance often feels like a soul-selling experience. Gratwick, however, envisions a radical shift away from this traditional model, aiming to redefine the landscape of streaming and content creation.

Breaking the Chains of Traditional Gatekeeping

The hardest part of making it in the entertainment industry is access to opportunities. Hollywood was built on controlled access points and gatekeepers. You can’t submit unsolicited projects or scripts without an agent or manager, but you can’t get an agent or manager without a referral or past success. Casting, labor and vendor opportunities are guarded secrets impossible to find as an outsider while an entire sub industry exists to sell you the illusion of access. Pay for our subscription and you can submit log lines to real producers, pay this hosting fee every month and producers might read your script, maintain this membership and you’ll get casting notices. But none of these entities selling access to opportunities are ever the entity actually offering the opportunity. It’s always 3rd party intermediaries acting as gatekeepers selling promises they themselves can’t deliver on. 

The truth is everyone has a story to tell, but Hollywood made us all believe we need their validation or approval to tell our story in a big way. This scarcity of permission makes people desperate and ignites a race to the bottom. There is always someone else who will say yes to a predator in power. The proverbial deal with the devil is real. Sure you can stand by your principles and say no you won’t do this or that unethical thing, but no one cares. Nothing changes. They simply move on to the next one who will say yes to anything. 

Everyone knows Harvey Weinstein traded sex for roles, yet none of the women who got their breaks from a Weinstein film claim they slept with Harvey for their opportunity? Really, then who did? Some of the most famous actresses (and actors) took the deal from the devil and it’s literally the only reason they got their “break”. Everyone knows Harvey is scum, but what about the people who said yes? What kind of standard and expectations are they reinforcing that the next person must be willingly to succumb to? Why do they get a free pass or even worse, looked at as sympathetic victims when they very cognitively knew what they were doing? 

The Streaming Wars: A Quest for True Value

The streaming wars is all about competing for subscribes and the best shows/content, so why do none of them offer you more value than the others? Why do all the streaming platforms offer the same old traditional static content? Why not offer live experiences, opportunity or access for your subscription? Because they don’t have to, because the other guy isn’t doing it either. They don’t really want you to have more opportunity or access, and certainly not more value. If you had all of that, you might start thinking you have control or influence over what gets made. If that were to happen what purpose or value would they serve? How long before they weren’t needed at all? Well guess what, the time has come where they’re not needed at all. Where their control over access points and desire to only work with the weakest, most desperate and most morally bankrupt amongst us has left them severely disadvantaged as the competitor landscape drastically shifts right out from under them. 

Static entertainment alone does not provide enough value to justify a year round subscription. Especially when the ability to stream the same content, with the same ease and quality exists on an endless number of “illegal” sites moments after its live on their 3rd party platforms. If a bank had no walls, safe or guards protecting the money, do you think morality alone is going to stop large swaths of people from walking up and taking stacks of cash? This is exactly the dynamic facing third party platforms who expect people to pay for their overvalued, under protected static content simply because it’s the “right thing to do” when doing the right thing, for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do has never once occurred to them as a legitimate business strategy. 

Ease of theft compared to endless generic subscriptions creates infinite profit loss. For the morally grounded, but fiscally conservative, there is still little reason to be a year round subscriber when typically there are only a handful of new shows that each person subscribes to see. Once the new season is finished, the subscription is cancelled until the next season drops. There’s no stability or reliability in their subscriber numbers. There is also the issue of gated access to the data itself, creators, producers and even investors are intentionally left in the dark about subscriber and viewership numbers so that the platforms can again maintain controlled access and predatory leverage over the people actually producing the content. 

A New Approach: Gratwick’s Decentralized Platform

Gratwick is prepared to build our own decentralized platform so we can not just have total autonomy over our creative and career decisions, or protect our people by offering a fair playing field for anyone who seeks to collaborate with us. but also so we can offer you more tangible value for your subscription. Value that comes in the form of real open door opportunities and constant live experiences through transparent access to our creative processes, things that will make you proud to be a year round subscriber.

We also want to give every creator access to the same silver bullet. We don’t seek to just be another alternative third party platform, we seek to empower creators autonomy by giving them their own platform which eliminates any need or reliance on any other third party technology or gatekeeper. 

Beyond more value in the content you receive from a streaming subscription, we intend to add even more value for being a subscriber/member/supporter of our particular brand of entertainment via meaningful access to real opportunities we are actually in a position to provide.

The Gratwick A-List: Redefining Industry Standards

This is why we are creating a new A-List in the entertainment industry. The Gratwick A-list will not rely on exclusivity and elitism but access and accountability. As a member of the Gratwick A-list you not only receive all the content we create for free, forever, but you also receive access to submit your own content for consideration, and if you’re not a creator or an artist, you still, as an ally, get special access of your own to review and provide feed back to the content being considered for development.

Every project submitted will be required to include a special proposal for what kind of unique, live access will be granted to the creative process if your project is selected for development. We also have our own Gratwick universe of content we intend to produce for our audience. Imagine how much new creative talent could find traction, if an entity like Marvel Studios reinvested a percentage of their success into funding and developing new talent from the Marvel audience. That is Gratwick’s vision and commitment. 

Vision for the Future: Unmatched Value and Transparency

Unmatched value, transparency through access and unique live experiences is how Gratwick intends to win the streaming wars. But even if every platform followed in our footsteps or took this vision and ran with it before we can get fully established, there would still be unique value and opportunities available from Gratwick and any other streaming subscription service who adopted this model. It’s a true win/win for streaming platforms and the communities who support them.

In summary, Gratwick’s vision is a revolutionary step towards democratizing the entertainment industry, breaking free from traditional gatekeeping, and providing real opportunities and value for creators and subscribers alike.

Reserve your place on the Gratwick A-List today to stay up to date on all things Gratwick. You’ll be the first to know when we launch our crowdfund equity campaign to build the technology and produce the first live production. 

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