Gratwick Is Revolutionizing The Entertainment Industry By Creating A New A-List


Gratwick A-List

The A stands for Artists, Audience, Allies, Accountability, Access, Automation, and Autonomy.

Empowered by a groundbreaking alliance between artists and audiences, Gratwick aims to build a decentralized utopian platform that every creator can own and brand as their own.

This innovative technology will provide financial automation and community management, eliminating any reliance on unaligned third-party platforms. This free, all-in-one studio in a dapp will give creators the autonomy they need to take control of their careers and content.

Gratwick is committed to using this technology to promote transparency and ensure accountability and access in the entertainment industry. Along with the original content produced under the Gratwick brand, our community of A-listers will actively submit, review, and uplift creators and content within the community for further development.

All productions under the Gratwick banner, will have their entire creative process documented and shared as real-time interactive reality shows for our community to enjoy. This unique approach fosters a deeper connection between artists and their audiences while promoting transparency and collaboration in the entertainment industry.

Join our Newsletter today to reserve your place on the Gratwick A-list and you’ll be the first to know when we launch our Reg CF equity offering. Once a month we will keep you updated with a newsletter on all things Gratwick, any opportunities to get involved and our top 5 recommended online events.

If you sign-up today you will also get a free e-book version of ‘Hallowed be Thy Name’ a novel written by Kris Hulbert and the first story from the Gratwick connected universe. 

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Your place on the Gratwick A-list will include…


  • Premium Live access to creators and productions
  • Private social network
  • Micro Investment opportunities
  • Earn for engagements and referrals
  • Access to submissions and Job board
  • Influence over what content gets funded/produced
  • Influence/Access to live auditions
  • Submit for possible funding/development
  • Special access to events and set visits
  • Accountability, protection for creators, cast and crew
  • 4+ live production experiences per year
  • Q&A/Hangouts with creative talent and influencers
  • Premium podcasts
  • Early access/discounts to all event ticket sales
  • Profile account customizations, badges
  • Access to all released content
  • Personalized Digital Gift from every production

Future Gaming Benefits

  • Monthly freeroll tournaments
  • Weekly qualifiers for annual tournaments
  • Community leagues
  • Special events/conventions
  • Discounted tickets, buy-ins to special events
  • Premium access to Podcasts/Livestreams
  • Special prizes/contests/objectives during public events
  • Customized profile
  • Annual tryouts to join pro/semi-pro esports teams
  • Access to Jobs/Opportunities board
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