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Welcome to Gratwick, where we are revolutionizing the media landscape. We’re dedicated to empowering individuals by creating a self-sufficient ecosystem. Through innovative tools, we’re eradicating inefficiencies and liberating users from third-party constraints in a decentralized, transparent, and ethical manner.

Our vision? A freely customizable DApp (decentralized app) available to all, offering complete control over your professional ecosystem.

Join our community of forward-thinking creators committed to seizing control of their careers. Say goodbye to seeking permission from outdated gatekeepers—here, you’re in charge.

Become part of the movement shaping the future, or be the first to access the tools to revolutionize your ecosystem.

Meet Our Founder

“3rd party platforms were always a stepping stone to the ultimate destination, exclusive brand controlled platforms.”

Kris Hulbert – Gratwick CEO

About Gratwick

We are creators who grew tired of bloated commission and asking permission.

Our aim is to develop a comprehensive studio infrastructure within a decentralized app—an easily customizable solution that can be tailored and branded to suit the unique requirements of any creator.

Be Your Own Studio!

Free the artists, free the world

The Perfect Solution For every creator Ecosystem

No More Demonetization

Never worry about having your revenue turned off.

No More Deplatforming

Never fear being cut-off from your audience.

No More 3rd Party Censorship

You are the sole moderator of your community.

core features

  • 97% of all revenue
  • Digital Marketplace (Open or Closed Network)
  • Private Social Network
  • Media Fund Management Tools
  • Hybrid Centralization/Decentralization Customations
  • Opt-in discovery aggregator
  • 100% Ownership over your entire ecosystem
  • Smart contracts with automatic POS royalty distribution
  • Creator/Brand is sole moderator of content/comments
  • Reward/Incentivation tools for audience engagement, sharing and consumption.
  • Many more utopian features planned… 😉

How We Plan To Fund, Develop and Market The App

Live Production To Build Awareness & Raise Capital

Gratwick has packaged the app MVP with a captivating film and a distinctive marketing strategy, aimed at mitigating risks for investors while providing an engaging and informative experience for our potential audience, allies, and fellow artists. Our groundbreaking approach entails live-streaming the entire creative journey—from auditions to post-production—as a real-time reality show.

These live streams will be hosted by a diverse range of influencers. Each day on set will culminate in a half-hour wrap-up show, enabling the audience to interact and pose questions to the cast and crew.

The film: After a failed assassination attempt, a shamed Hollywood whistleblower finds fleeting safety within a limousine, facing the daunting choice of survival versus redemption as the world converges. (Contained thriller)

The crew: includes Emmy winners, and industry veterans. 
The livestreams: will be produced by veteran reality show producers, sponsor friendly and feature audience engagement, interaction and giveaways.


Upon completion, the film embarks on a dynamic journey—a 20-city free screening tour. Our team hits the road in a 6-person sleeper bus, adorned with vibrant marketing showcasing the Gratwick app’s imminent wide release, offering live experiences and documented moments. Each screening includes an interactive Q&A session, enlightening audiences about Gratwick’s mission, our vibrant community, and the upcoming app set to empower their beloved artists.

The film’s primary release aligns with the Gratwick app’s debut. Subsequently, we’ll pursue traditional distribution across third-party platforms, potentially exploring a limited theatrical release.

Moreover, all live and supplementary content undergoes meticulous editing, packaging, and licensing for wider dissemination.

Be Your Own Community!

Capital Raise

Regulation CF

Through 350 hours of live content, Gratwick’s mission unfolds, offering a visionary outlook for the industry while showcasing how our app empowers artists.

Simultaneously, a Reg CF campaign accompanies this live production, aiming to raise capital for advancing app development and establishing a media fund to support additional live-streamed projects, including those from our vibrant community.

Investment opportunities start at just $100 in the campaign. Backers and subscribers will gain exclusive perks, access to opportunities, and funding possibilities.

An MVP of the app will be produced during the 6-month production of the film. The MVP will include basic functionalities for digital distribution, community management and automated financial processes.

Unique Advantages

What We Already Have In Place

  • The perfect sound stage and all necessary equipment.
  • Direct Distribution plan – (The Gratwick App MVP)
  • Innovative P&A strategy
  • Relationships for traditional (secondary) distribution
  • Gratwick expanded universe (movies, shows and books)
  • Elite Technology advisors
  • Elite Entertainment advisors
  • Elite crew with Emmy winners

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