Welcome To Gratwick!

Gratwick started as a neighborhood where it was synonymous with family. Then it became a storytelling brand that realized it must become a startup to build the technology we, and any other creator, need to be entirely autonomous from the third party ecosystem of control and commissions.

In 2025 Gratwick will launch a subscription service to facilitate the collaboration between creators and audience in a way that provides ethical funding in exchange for unprecedented live access to every step of the creative process. 

The 3 Pillars of gratwick are

Blockchain App

Key Features

  • Financial Efficiency
  • Data transparency
  • Incentivized Engagement
  • Opensource


Key Perks

  • Influence Development
  • Access to Creative Process
  • Creative/Career Opportunities
  • Interactive Experiences

Digital Media Funds

Key Benefits

  • Community-Driven
  • Annual Submissions
  • Media School
  • Regional Focus

Built on a foundation of in-house IP.

The Gratwick Universe is a collection of scripts, novels, games and experiences that transcend all genres with themes of extreme social accountability and how a reality anti-thetical to our own presents its own set of challenges.

Gratwick features subscriber-submitted content and a diverse network of storytellers, ensuring a wide range of narratives beyond the mainstream.

Green Light The Content You Want!

For Our Subscribers

…you get meaningful influence over what is produced and then live access to the entire creative process of those projects, all for your entertainment. 

  • Uplift the content and creators you want to see.
  • Interact with those creators and experience every momnent of their creative proccess.
  • Private social network free of toxic exchanges.
  • Special access to events and set visits.
  • Incentivized Engagement

Be Your Own Exec Producer!

For Creatives Who Subscribe

Whether you’re someone with a great idea or someone with decades of production experience all of our subscribers will receive tanigble creative and career opportunities to pursue your passion.

  • Annual Funding Portal
  • Early access to all crew or vendor opportunities
  • Early access to all casting opportunities
  • Discounts on services or rentals

Be Your Own Studio!

For Creators who seek true autonomy

…we get it. That’s what motivated us from the very beginning. Which is why are not looking to repackage another 3rd party platform for you to grow dependent on. Our tech is designed to free and empower you with a dapp you can use, customize and brand as your own. 

But the first to get access to this technology, will still be our subscribers!

“3rd party platforms were always a stepping stone to the ultimate destination, exclusive personal platforms.”

Kris Hulbert – Gratwick CEO


  • 97% of all revenue
  • Digital Marketplace (Open or Closed Network)
  • Private Social Network
  • Media Fund Management Tools
  • Hybrid Centralization/Decentralization Customations
  • Opt-in discovery aggregator
  • 100% Ownership over your entire ecosystem
  • Smart contracts with automatic POS royalty distribution
  • Creator/Brand is sole moderator of content/comments
  • Reward/Incentivation tools for audience engagement, sharing and consumption
  • Many more utopian features planned…

Unique Advantages

What We Already Have In Place

Be Your Own Mogul!

Free the artists, free the world

No More Demonetization

Never worry about having your revenue turned off.

No More Deplatforming

Never fear being cut-off from your audience.

No More 3rd Party Censorship

You are the sole moderator of your community.

Lets Build The Future Of Entertainment Together

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